BloggerXL Disclaimer

BloggerXL is a free online resource for content creation (mainly blogging, SEO, and podcasting).

Unless it's content that is specified to be paid content, all other content is free. Why is it free though?

On this page, you'll learn why I provide free content and free training in addition to the paid content you may see on this website.

Why BloggerXL Provides Free Content

If you look at my free content you may notice one thing.

Even though my content is useful for everyone, it's tailored towards beginners (people who may not have huge budgets).

BloggerXL was created with one goal in mind: to create content with actionable tips to help you grow your business using blogging.

In simple terms, I created BloggerXL to offer advice that I wish I had gotten when I started out.

How BloggerXL Makes Money

I have always believed in showing my readers everything and being as transparent as possible with you.

Running a blog that can potentially help millions of people can result in a significant investment (for example with content creation, the quality of the server running the site, other tools needed).

All the content created on this website is time (and money) spent by either me, so unless I make money from my content, I would have to shut down.

You can take a look below to see I sources of income for BloggerXL.

Paid Content and Other Products

In the future, I plan on creating several premium courses centred around affiliate marketing, SEO, and building a personal brand to help you step-by-step build an affiliate business.

Whenever you purchase paid content from BloggerXL, it helps me fund the website and even improve the quality of everything from those same courses to my free content.

I appreciate any type of support that you're willing to give including going through my premium content.

Referral Fees

You may notice links throughout that looks like this:

Those are affiliate links and BloggerXL will be paid a commission everytime you purchase the product/service that the type of link above takes you to.

I will only recommend products/services that I 100% believe will improve the quality of your business or blog.

In addition to that, any product/service that you see me promote will have been used and tested by me at some point (whether that was in the past or currently, however, I will never promote something that I "plan" on using).

Next, as you may already know, any affiliate commissions do not come at an extra cost to you. You will still pay the 3rd-parties original price (unless I specifically mention that there is a discount).

Lastly,  I (or any employee of BloggerXL) will never see your personal data through affiliate links. We will only see data that is mentioned on my privacy policy page.

How Can You Help BloggerXL

If you like and learn from the content provided on any website associated with (for example, here are a few ways you can help support the site:

  • Purchase any of my premium courses.
  • If you're going to buy any products that we review or recommend, then please use my referral links.
  • Share any of my free content to your friends, colleagues, and family on your preferred social platform.
  • Leave reviews (good or bad) on any of my products or products that I recommend to help other people.

I'd like to welcome you to my site and thank you for supporting BloggerXL (if you decide to do so).


Anthony Beckles
Founder and Content Creator for BloggerXL.

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