Anthony Beckles

Anthony Beckles

Anthony is the founder and main content creator behind BloggerXL. Though he isn't a super blogger earning $10,000s every month, he has had substantial experience with blogging and SEO and plans to share those experiences with you.

Staying Motivated as A Content Creator – BloggerXL Ep.9

If there's anything that bloggers and solopreneurs struggle with the most (especially at the beginning stages) it would be motivation.

Motivation is something I have struggled with my entire life, and I can say is that staying motivated when it comes to creating content has been some of the worse times of my life.

So, how can you keep yourself motivated even when you're in the worse state possible?

In this episode of the BloggerXL podcast, here's what I will be covering:

The Struggles of a Content Creator

  • Writer’s Block
  • Never Publishing Content
  • Keeping a solid schedule

Ways I’ve Kept Myself Motivated Over The Years

  • Only focusing on the content topics I personally like
  • Always take breaks
  • Never publish a piece of content without a clear purpose
  • Consume other pieces of content

Remember that the quality of your content is based on how invested you are in creating it. By focusing on things you enjoy doing, your productivity and quality of content will be improved 100x.

  • [0:55] Content of The Week.
  • [1:29] Okay, so the main topic of today's episode is going to be staying motivated as a content creator.
  • [1:48] Writer's Block.
  • [2:56] Why never publishing content is a bad thing.
  • [4:44] My final struggle is keeping a schedule.
  • [05:31] Ways to stay motivated as a content creator.

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