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Essential WordPress Plugins

20 Essential (and Optional) WordPress Plugins and Tools

For most bloggers, there are a certain amount of essential WordPress plugins that you have to add to your website. So, I have decided to compile a small list of 20 essential (and optional) WordPress plugins for you to use now. Did you know that there are 54,926 different WordPress

How to Create a Niche Site

How to Build a Niche Site in 2019 (From Start to Finish)

So, you’ve probably heard that you can make money with affiliate marketing or something like that. Now that you know that it’s possible, I am going to be teaching you (in-depth) how to build a niche site in 2019 (from start to finish). What is a Niche? For those who’ve

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Content Writing Tips: 14 Practical (and Simple) Tips for Beginners

For this article, you will learn 14 Content Writing Tips for Beginners that you need to improve your content.It doesn’t matter how big (or small) your business is, all of them have a few things in common. Words. Whether they need to be spoken or written, businesses need to understand

WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization: The Definitive Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn 21 WordPress speed optimization tips that I used to get a load time of under a second.Having a slow-loading WordPress site sucks, luckily there are many ways to speed up WordPress.The problem with slow-loading sites is that they hurt the user experience and it can

Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging: Why People Still Blog in 2019

Some people seem to think that blogging is dying out. Which is understandable because of the number of blog posts that are published every day. However, most of those blog posts are short (and in most cases) uninformative to people. So, what are the benefits of blogging and how can you use blogging

Want to Improve The Quality of Your Blog?

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