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How to Create a Niche Site

How to Build a Niche Site in 2019 (From Start to Finish)

So, you’ve probably heard that you can make money with affiliate marketing or something like that. Now that you know that it’s possible, I am going to be teaching you (in-depth) how to build a niche site in 2019 (from start to finish). What is a Niche? For those who’ve

How to Be Productive

Productivity: You’re Focusing on The Wrong Things – BloggerXL Ep.7

Productivity is something that all of us solopreneurs need more of in our lives.However, there is good productivity and bad productivity (meaning that it’s possible to focus on the wrong things).In this episode, I am going to be talking about these subjects:What is Productivity?Why I Wasn’t Very Productive?How to Be

Important SEO Tips That I’ve Learned From Nathan Gotch

#6: 5 Important SEO Tips That I’ve Learned From Nathan Gotch

Did you know that nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results?That’s why it’s essential to have an active SEO campaign at all times if you want to increase your business’s visibility online.Sadly, there are thousands of people (hundreds of thousands) that also know the importance of SEO.That’s

Benefits of Blogging as an Affiliate

#5: Benefits of Blogging (As an Affiliate)

I recently made a blog post talking about the benefits of blogging. With video and audio content growing more and more each year, is it worthwhile to start a blog?In this episode of the BloggerXL podcast, I talk about blogging and the benefits it has for affiliate marketing. [01:23] This week’s

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Content Writing Tips: 14 Practical (and Simple) Tips for Beginners

For this article, you will learn 14 Content Writing Tips for Beginners that you need to improve your content.It doesn’t matter how big (or small) your business is, all of them have a few things in common. Words. Whether they need to be spoken or written, businesses need to understand

Want to Improve The Quality of Your Blog?

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