Anthony Beckles

Hey bloggers and SEOs, welcome to BloggerXL. My free blogging and SEO resource site for newbies.

My name is Anthony, and my primary goal with BloggerXL is to give you (somebody new to blogging and SEO) the most helpful tutorials and guides that you can understand even if you’ve never written a blog before.

For example, if you’re new to blogging and you’ve thought “How do I create a ______ account,” or “What is _____?”

Then you’re the type of person I had in mind while creating BloggerXL.

My Struggle With Online Marketing

My story starts back in 2015 (or should I say the BloggerXL story begins back then).

I’ve always been consuming content (and created content occasionally) through Call of Duty videos.

You can go on my old channel and look at the type of videos I made (though these videos were made more recently, I made the same type of videos back in 2010).

In 2015, I started blogging, and I knew I liked doing it almost immediately.

Though for most people, it’s a simple process when it comes to choosing a niche and sticking with it, for three years, I struggled to stick with a single topic.

As I kept learning more and more about blogging and SEO through internships, and through my work, I couldn’t make anything stick.

After realizing that I have a lot more knowledge about blogging and SEO than newbies, I decided to create BloggerXL.

Though I feel that I started this project too late (in March of 2019), I still want to share all over what I’ve learned of the years with you.

Accomplishments Before BloggerXL

  • Made my first affiliate sale after about 3 months of starting my first niche site.
  • I became the youngest ambassador for the Wealthy Affiliate community (at 18 yrs old) which mostly involved things that I will be doing with BloggerXL.
  • Built a couple of small niche sites (one got 60,000 visitors, and the other made me my first decent income online).
  • I have interned at a company where I helped them create a solid content marketing plan.

Getting Started With BloggerXL

Now enough about me, let’s get you started with BloggerXL.

As I mentioned above, you can choose one of those guides if you’re very new to blogging and SEO.

If not, then you can check:

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